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At KHS, we strive to have happy informative classes that help students to learn about the world around them as well as Japanese.

Japanese is compulsory for terms 3 & 4 in Year 7 and terms 1 & 2 in Year 8.

Survey to do on completion of Year 8 Japanese: Survey

Japanese is an elective in Year 9.

For students who chose Japanese in Year 9, they can elect to continue in Year 10.

For students who have done 200 hours in Year 10, they can choose to do Continuers Japanese in Year 11 & 12.

For students who have done no more Japanese study from Year 8, they can elect to do Japanese Beginners for a senior ATAR course.


Students who have studied Japanese in Year 10 or 11 or who have hosted students from our sister school and are in Year 10 or 11, are welcome to apply to attend our biannual trip to Japan. This trip was last taken in 2015.

We also host Japanese students so please contact us if you would like to deepen your understanding of the Japanese culture through hosting a Japanese visitor.


Every term we try to order in Japanese lunchboxes (obentou) to give students and staff the opportunity to experience Japanese culture at school. Obentou are ordered as chicken or vegetarian and cost $8. Obentous are pre-ordered.


All of Beth’s class outlines can be found at: http://planbook.com/student?t=1032516&k=Japanese

Year 7

Students learn how to introduce themselves in Japanese. They can talk about ages and birthdays.

There is an emphasis on learning about the Japanese culture as it relates to our learning.

Students learn to read hiragana and write some kanji.

Testing is done at the end of each unit and is clearly set out in the student workbooks.

Students are expected to be STAR students, giving learning a go and bringing a pen, notebook and enthusiasm to every class.

There is a cooking day in Term 4, where Ken cooks us Yakisoba. This is done at a cost of $2 per student.

Student assignments in Year 7, 2016 will be based on DEC Collabaratus Model: Me o samasu

Year 8

All students learn to hold conversations about where they will go, what they will see and what they will eat.

This takes in vocabulary and culture of places to go in Japan, sports they play and Japanese schooling.

Year 8 students are asked to learn to write hiragana and some kanji.

Testing is done in small increments as the work is learned and revised.

We buy in Obentou for anyone in the school who is interested every term.

We will do a cooking day with Ken – okonomiyaki in term 2. This will cost students $2 each.

Year 9

Year 9 is an elective subject. Students who enjoyed learning Japanese are encouraged to choose this at elective time in year 8 (late term 3). It is a prerequisite for studying Japanese in Year 10. Students who complete Year 9 but do not choose to do Year 10 will be ineligible to do any more Japanese study at Kingscliff High School as they will have studied more than 100 hours, and can no longer choose Beginners Japanese. They cannot do the Continuers Japanese as they will not have built a base for successful senior Japanese Continuers study.

Year 9 students quickly revise reading and writing hiragana and are expected to use hiragana and some kanji in their learning.

They learn more culture as it relates to using language needed in the topics greetings, families, pets and sports.

Year 9 Japanese is a one semester subject.

Year 10

Year 10 is an elective subject. Students who studied Year 9 Japanese and enjoyed it are encouraged to choose Japanese for their Year 10 electives. Students can choose 100 hours (1 semester) or 200 hours (2 semesters) of Japanese. Students who choose 200 hours are then eligible to choose Continuers Japanese as a senior subject.

Students who choose Japanese in Year 10 are eligible to go on the biannual trip to our sister school in Japan. Students who choose the 200 hour course can apply to go to our sister school, Yamanashi Gakuin, for a three month exchange from November to January.

Year 10 Japanese assumes the ability to read and write in hiragana and use some kanji. Students also learn katakana in Year 10.

Areas students learn more about include: families, shopping, past times, expressing abilities, pets and the local area.