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Japan Trip 2015

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Japan Trip 2015

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2015 was a great trip.

Mr Opfer and Ms. Matsuto took 13 students to Japan for 17 days of homestay and travel. It was a great trip with daily highlights and hourly learning experiences.

We started in Tokyo at the Safety Centre learning about earthquakes, fires and typhoons. The purpose of this centre is to teach people what to do in an emergency and hopefully preserve life. It is a bit overwhelming to remember the dangers you can face, but fun to experience them with friends in a controlled environment. As with so many places we went to, the hospitality was amazing. This was a free experience, yet there were signs up welcoming us and thank you gifts as we left.

We then headed to our Sister School, Yamanashi Gakuin. Again, the generosity is amazing. The school prepared special lessons for our students to experience Japanese culture, took us on a day of sightseeing and the PTA (P&C) took us all out for lunch. Again, presents for us all as we left. This is such a fabulous relationship that was formed nearly 25 years ago. During this time so many students have had life experiences they will never forget. Some of them at Kingscliff High School, some of them in Japan. This can be a difficult path as we are always looking for more host families for our visiting Yamanashi students but as all hosts will say, it is such a worthwhile thing to do.

From Yamanashi we went to Osaka (Nara, Ninja and temples), Miyajima, Hiroshima and back to Tokyo (Akihabara, “Delicious, Delicious, Moi, Moi, Moi”, Kawaii Moster, wedding at the Meiji shrine, Karaoke, Pokémon, Museum of Natural Histories and so much more). We rode the bullet train, saw Mount Fuji and spoke Japanese.

The next trip won’t be for another two years, and this fabulous experience is only available to students studying Japanese in Year 10 or 11. Will your child be on it? If you are talking to a student who was lucky enough to be on this trip, ask them what it is that is “just not done”.

Mrs Beth Matsuto

Japanese trip 2015