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SCIENCE, Agriculture and Marine

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Science, Agriculture and Marine

O'Keeffe, Jacinta

RHT Ms Jacinta O'Keeffe

Browne, Cathryn

Ms Cate Browne

Byrne, Simon

Mr Simon Byrne

Shaw, Jena

Ms Jena Shaw

Crennan, Michael

Mr Michael Crennan

Colpitts, Wade

Mr Wade Colpitts

Kearney, Laurae

Ms Laurae Kearney

Macqueen, Simon

Mr Simon MacQueen

McLean, Thomas

Mr Tom McLean

Morganlowe, Alexander

Mr Alex Morganlowe

Gray, Michael

Mr Mick Gray

The Science faculty is an engaging, dynamic  group of professionals determined to deliver quality Science, Marine and Agriculture curricula to the students of KHS.

We offer a broad range of curriculum options and are truly blessed with some magnificent natural resources to help engage our students.

The Faculty consists of a great mix of experience and enthusiasm and work collegiately to ensure Science education at KHS is engaging, quality and exceptional. Our efforts are illustrated in the popularity of our senior courses which keep growing despite the student numbers dropping in recent times.

We offer Science, Marine Technology & Agricultural Technology in the junior school. In the senior school we offer the full range of courses- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Environmental Studies, Senior Science, Marine Studies and Primary Industries as a VET course.

If you have any questions about your child’s learning or want to become involved in a volunteering capacity or feel like you have something to contribute please contact Kelly Todoroska at the school or via email kelly.nelson1@det.nsw.edu.au