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Year 8 Science

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Year 8 Science

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Assessment Task 1 submissions were due Friday 17 March 2017 to class teachers.

Students who have not completed the assessment task are required to complete this task as soon as possible. Letters have been sent home to parents/carers in regards to the non-submission of the task.

The Year 8 Science Half-Yearly Examination (notification) will include the following topics:

  • Forces
  • Cells Theory and Unicellular Organisms
  • Multicellular Organisms
  • Human Systems – Circulatory, Digestive and Respiratory Systems


2017 Year 8 Science Programme

Semester One topics include:

  • Forces
  • Cell Theory & Unicellular Organisms
  • Multicellular Organisms
  • Human Systems

Semester Two topics include:

  • Elements and Compounds
  • Mixtures
  • Chemical Changes
  • Earth’s Resources
  • Resource Management


Year 8 Science Assessment

Task 1 – Scientific Report

Task 2 – Half-Yearly Examination

Task 3 – Practical Test

Task 4 – Yearly Examination