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August 2018


WAVE Reports for all Year 7 to 12 students for the beginning of Term 3 2018 have been posted on the Sentral Parent Portal for you to access and read. We value safety, tolerance, respect, integrity, resilience and honesty. This report is to inform you of the student's performance for the period against these values. For more information on WAVE reports see https://www.kingscliff.nsw.edu.au/curriculum-and-activities/khs-wave-program/ Our Parent Portal is located at. http://portal.kingscliff.nsw.edu.au/ This electronic space will be used to provide parents with up to date information regarding the school as well as a portal to access relevant information on your child. If this is your first time using the Sentral Parent Portal please visit this address to register your account: https://www.kingscliff.nsw.edu.au/parent-portal/ Once registered you can input the Family key given to you to view your children. If you haven’t received a family key please contact the

Dear Parents of Year 10, As you may be aware students wishing to complete their HSC from 2020 will need to sit reading, writing and numeracy tests to demonstrate minimum standards. Next Tuesday 28th August will give students who have not already met the standards, in last year’s NAPLAN tests, in one or more of reading, writing or numeracy their first opportunity to do so in the “Minimum Standard Online Tests”. Our expectation is that all students who have not met the standards will sit the tests on Tuesday however the information sheet accompanying this message (and also provided to the students) has a note giving parents the opportunity to opt out. The information sheet also has details about how the test will be run. (see below) If you would like more information about the “Minimum Standard Online Tests” please follow this link

It is at this time of year when colds, flu and illnesses are most prevalent. Over the last couple of weeks I have observed an increasing number of students attending school unwell and either being sent home or spending a miserable day coughing and sniffling. This of course has the flow on effect of infecting others and spreading sickness across the school community. Sometimes it's hard to know if your child is really coming down with something or just suffering a bout of Monday-itis. For safety's sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice. Either way the NSW Health’s Too Sick For School? chart will help answer your questions about common childhood illness and how long sick kids need to miss school.

We have been very busy in the Uniform shop last term with the microfiber jackets & track suit pants selling like hot cakes. We will not however, be able to obtain any more Size 16 microfiber jackets or size 14 track pants as the manufacturer is out of this stock for the winter. We do however have plenty of fleecy jackets & jumpers available. We have also received stock of the skirts size 4, 6 & 8, so for those girls waiting on these please come and see us. Reminder The Uniform Shop is opened Wed 7:45-9:00am and Fridays 7:45-9:30am. Remember it is run by P&C volunteers and all our profits go back to the school. Christine Boyd P&C President