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August 2019


The school will have an internet outage on Friday 30th morning to install our new Secured Internet at the Edge project. Parent portal access will be also unavailable from 9am to midday. A new way for students to access the internet from their devices. https://www.youtube.com/embed/R5pYX3Y5q-4  

Meningococcal Awareness As we head into late winter and spring, NSW Health are urging everyone to be alert to the symptoms of meningococcal disease. NSW Health have launched a state wide campaign about identifying the symptoms of meningococcal disease. Meningococcal disease is caused by a bacterial infection that can lead to serious illness if not recognised and treated in time. While anyone can contract meningococcal disease, infection rates are higher in children aged 0 - 4 years and young people aged 15 - 24 years. Do you know the symptoms of meningococcal disease? Symptoms of meningococcal disease include: * Sudden onset of fever * Headache * Neck stiffness * Joint pain * Dislike of bright lights * Nausea * Vomiting * Irritability * Rash of red-purple spots or bruises that doesn't disappear when pressure is applied.(A rash does not always appear or it may occur late in the disease). Some or all of these symptoms may appear and can mimic other common illnesses. Symptoms

Minimum Standards Tutoring Sessions Wednesday 21st August 2019 On Wednesday the 21st of August the school will be employing specialist tutors to help year 11 students who have not yet achieved minimum standards in numeracy or reading. It is essential that year 11 students who have not met minimum standards in reading and/or numeracy attend these sessions so they can maximise their chance of passing and receiving a Higher School Certificate.   The sessions will run from 10.15 (Start of period 2) until 2.15 (during sport time). There is NO cost for students as the school will be bearing the costs to assist students pass Minimum Standards. There will also be additional tuition in the near future for writing.

​Dear Parents and Caregivers, Thank you for your patience with Academic Stream results for 2020. We checked all results with our partner primary schools and made a few adjustments. We would rather take a little extra time and ensure that we get this classes correct. We would also like to thank our partner primary schools for their input and feedback in ensuring accuracy of placement. The year adviser for 2020, Mr Ella will be ringing parents this week to notify of academic stream results. It is anticipated that most of these will be completed by this Friday 16th August. The front office will be given the list of names on Monday if there is any need for clarification.

New Fathering Project event! Please note this has now been cancelled due to not enough interest. We will look at hosting a father/kids event in Term 4 [pdf-embedder url="https://www.kingscliff.nsw.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Thor-aproach-poster.pdf" title="Thor aproach poster"]

Time to clear something up that parents tell us is often used in talks about cyber safety. We’re talking about the age recommendations provided for social media apps, and children possessing accounts well below the 13+ suggestion. The refrain is constant. It’s “illegal “for kids to have these accounts. Except it’s not. It’s not illegal. There is no legal remedy or punishment under Australian law. It may be foolish because of the impact it has on a child's digital footprint, and it may affect the mental health of a child by being exposed to things they are not emotionally ready for, but possessing a social media app when you are below thirteen will not see any parties involved being arrested. Almost all social media apps have a recommended age attached to them. Most of these hover around the 13+ mark, but some are 17+,