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May 2020

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  A video from our Principal and Deputy Principals about the phase 1 return to school plans From Monday 11 May (Week 3) students will begin a phased return to school. The phased return will maintain distancing in the classroom while supporting students' education and wellbeing. Most students will continue learning from home and will only attend school 1 day each week. Our school will continue to provide detailed information about the return to the classroom throughout the rest of Term 2. Measures to keep schools clean and safe for all students and staff include: 25% more cleaning time focused on high-touch areas priority deliveries of hygiene supplies including soap and hand sanitiser local school changes to pick up, drop off, lunch and recess times and processes. Read more about the department's plan for a phased return Please find below a copy of the Phase 1 - Returning to School Students

Whilst some restrictions on our lives are going to be lifted, things are still moving slowly. Look after your thoughts; be kind to yourselves in your minds. Talking about how you feel is very important for your overall wellness, especially if you're feeling a bit cooped up! Stay well, friends xoxo #kickcovidinthebutt #saysomething #onlinewellness #forthekids #allforoneoneforall #kindnessallways