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We all have a part to play. Change requires, in the very first instance, the courage to say something. Being an antiracist requires action; it is not enough to simply say you're not racist, how do you show you are not racist? Kindness will always win people. All ways xoxo #aboriginallivesmatter #educationforall #saysomething #forthekids #kindnessalways

We all go through 'life-storms' that affect how we feel and the way that we look at the world but they do pass. Our 'storms' often teach us really important things about ourselves too. If you see someone going through a storm, say something kind to them, reach out, help out. #saysomething #forthekids #educationforall #bullyingsucks #kickcovidinthebutt #oneforallallforone #weareakindschool #everyonebelongs

As we are slowly getting back into our schools, workplaces and our social lives, please remember to focus on good hygiene habits, physically distance from others, and use common sense. We are not out of the woods yet! Have a great week people xoxo #healtheharm #kindnessalways #saysomething #forthekids #kickcovid19inthebutt #educationforall

Whilst some restrictions on our lives are going to be lifted, things are still moving slowly. Look after your thoughts; be kind to yourselves in your minds. Talking about how you feel is very important for your overall wellness, especially if you're feeling a bit cooped up! Stay well, friends xoxo #kickcovidinthebutt #saysomething #onlinewellness #forthekids #allforoneoneforall #kindnessallways