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International Studies

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International Studies

Year 9                      International Studies                    Head Teacher: W. Smith


Term 1    
Topics / Theme Description: India Assessment

Research Assignment

Topic Test



Approx. due date

Week 7 Term 1


Week 10 term 1

Term 1/2    
Topics / Theme Description: Food Assessment

Research Assignment


Approx. due date

Week 5 Term 2

Term 2    
Topics / Theme Description: Food


Assessment Approx. due date
Term 2    
Topics / Theme Description:Tribes Assessment

Newspaper Article

Approx. due date

Week 8 Term 2


Equipment required for International Studies

  • A 4 book , blue, black and red pen, rulers, USB, glue, scissors and highlighters.


Equipment may vary slightly for individual classes.

How Can Parents help?

International Studies is a subject which deals with contemporary issues. Therefore, having discussions with students around current issues in world politics, environments and social trends can help with background knowledge.