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Year 10 Science

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Year 10 Science students will complete the Stage 5 Science course that contributes to their RoSA (Record of School Achievement). The topics covered will increase knowledge and understanding of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics and prepare students for Stage 6 Science courses. Within the topics covered in the Year 10 Science program the Working Scientifically skills will be reviewed and enhanced. Assessment tasks include the submission of a scientific report of a primary investigation that was planned in Year 9 and a practical test.


Latest News

31 October 2019 – Year 10 students have been issued with the notification for Assessment Task 4 – Yearly Examination. Students are to bring pens, pencils, a ruler, an eraser, a protractor and a calculator. The notification can be found here.


Year 10 Program

Biology – Genetics

Biology – Evolution

Chemistry – Chemical Reactions

Geology – Plate Tectonics

Geology – Natural Events

Physics – Motion

Physics – Energy Conservation


Yr 10 Assessment Tasks

Task 1 – Student Research Project (Scientific Report)

Task 2 – Half-Yearly Examination

Task 3 – Practical Test

Task 4 – Yearly Examination – Task Notification

We would like to remind students and parents/carers of the requirements of the Year 10 Assessment Policy in regards to the completion and submission of assessment tasks.