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Year 8 Science

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Year 8 Science students will be involved with some Physics, lots of Biology, starting their Chemistry journey and finishing with investigating the Earth’s resources and the sustainable management of these resources. They will also be consolidating and reinforcing their Working Scientifically skills throughout the program.


Latest News

31 October 2019 – Year 8 students have received the notification for Assessment Task 4 – Yearly Examination. This is a compulsory assessment task. The topics to be assessed are detailed on the notification. A revision sheet has been provided to students to assist in the preparation for the examination. Please ensure that your student has pens, pencils, a ruler, an eraser and a calculator for the examination. The notification can be found here.

31 October 2019 – Year 8 students have been participating in the VALID Science 8 online diagnostic test during Week 3. There has been some unforeseen technological difficulties this week. The students involved in this will be provided with another time period to complete the test in Week 4.

Students are asked to bring in headphones/earbuds that plug into the school computers/chromebooks – the school is unable supply these for students.

Please contact Mrs O’Keeffe, R/HT Science, if you have any questions.

The schedule for Yr 8 Science classes and catch-up days are as follows:

Tuesday 5/11/19 – Period 1 – 8SCTH    8SCST

Thursday 7/11/19 – Period 1 – Catch-up


Year 8 Science Program

Semester One topics include:

  • Forces
  • Cell Theory & Unicellular Organisms
  • Multicellular Organisms
  • Human Systems

Semester Two topics include:

  • Elements and Compounds
  • Mixtures
  • Chemical Changes
  • Earth’s Resources
  • Resource Management


Year 8 Science Assessment

Task 1 – Scientific Report

Task 2 – Half-Yearly Examination

Task 3 – Practical Test

Task 4 – Yearly Examination