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Marine studies

Marine Studies



Marine Studies is available to study in Stage 5 and Stage 6.

Stage 5 – this subject can be chosen as an elective for a 100 hour course or a 200 hour course.

Stage 6 – this subject is a non ATAR subject which can be studied in Years 11 and 12.


Stage 5 – Year 9

In Year 9 Marine Studies students participate in practical (snorkelling and fishing) activities and focus on the importance of marine environments.

Assessment Items

  • Snorkelling Participation
  • Water Safety
  • Research Task

The Year 9 Marine and Aquaculture Technology Assessment Task can be found here

Stage 5 – Year 10

In Year 10 Marine Studies students participate in practical (snorkelling) activities and focus on aquaculture, the importance of local marine environments and threats to the marine environment.

Semester 1 – Assessment Items

  • Snorkelling Participation
  • Mangrove Booklet
  • Research Task
  • Examination

Semester 2 – Assessment Items

  • Snorkelling Participation
  • Research Task
  • Examination