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The Stage 6 Biology course explores the diversity of life from a molecular to a biological systems level. The course examines the interactions between living things and the environments in which they live. It explores the application of biology and its significance in finding solutions to health and sustainability issues in a changing world.

Biology uses Working Scientifically processes to develop scientific investigative skills. It focuses on developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills in order to understand and support the natural environment. When Working Scientifically, students are provided with opportunities to design and conduct biological investigations both individually and collaboratively.


Year 11 Course


Module 1 – Cells as the Basis of Life

Module 2 – Organisation of Living Things

Module 3 – Biological Diversity

Module 4 – Ecosystem Dynamics


Assessment Tasks

Task 1 – Practical Task – notification

Task 2 – Depth Study

Task 3 – Yearly Examination


Year 12 (HSC) Course


Module 5 – Heredity

Module 6 – Genetic Change

Module 7 – Infectious Disease

Module 8 – Non-infectious Disease and Disorders


Assessment Tasks

Task 1 – Depth Study

Task 2 – Modules’ Test

Task 3 – Practical Task

Task 4 – Yearly Examination