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Year 11 Assessment Task Physics Assessment of Skills learnt in Depth Study

The Stage 6 Physics course involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts that include energy and force. Physics deals with the study of phenomena on scales of space and time – from nuclear particles and their interactions up to the size and age of the Universe. This allows students to better understand the physical world and how it works, appreciate the uniqueness of the Universe, and participate in navigating and influencing the future.

The problem-solving nature of physics further develops students’ Working Scientifically skills by focusing on the exploration of models and the analysis of theories and laws, which promotes an understanding of the connectedness of seemingly dissimilar phenomena.


Year 11 Course


Module 1 – Kinematics

Module 2 – Dynamics

Module 3 – Waves and Thermodynamics

Module 4 – Electricity and Magnetism


Assessment Tasks

Task 1 – Depth Study

Year 11 Assessment Task Physics Assessment of Skills learnt in Depth Study

Task 2 – Practical Test

Task 3 – Yearly Examination


Year 12 (HSC) Course


Module 5 – Physics Skills

Module 6 – Space

Module 7 – Motors and Generators

Module 8 – From Ideas to Implementation


Assessment Tasks

Task 1 – Depth Study

Task 2 – Modules’ Test

Task 3 – Practical Test

Task 4 – Yearly Examination