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Mobile Phones at Kingscliff High School in 2021

Some members of our school community may recall initial proposals to bring Yondr pouches into Kingscliff High School this year.  Based on strong advice from our SRC and School Captains, this initiative was put on hold to allow for school community consultation in which our student leaders played a key role.  As a result, an alternative approach to managing mobile phones in our school will be trialled during Term 1, 2021, starting from Week 3:

  • The trial will apply to all students from Year 7 to Year 12.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched off and out of sight during class time and breaks between class.
  • Students will be able to access their phones during Recess and Lunch.
  • If a student has their phone ‘on and out’ during or between classes, the first instance will result in a suspension warning with notification to parents / carers via text. The second instance will result in a two day suspension, followed by placement on a Mobile Phone Monitoring Card.
  • Suspensions will escalate if the above pattern continues.

A couple of points should be noted by our parents and carers as we really do need everyone’s support on this:

  • Mobile phone misuse has become the most significant source of disruption to learning in our school.
  • Students, teachers and parents worked together on the above proposal as an alternative to the implementation of Yondr pouches.
  • The above process is used by schools who are using the pouches – we will be trying to achieve the same thing through student ownership of their actions.

If the above trial does not work, our school will be forced to move to Yondr pouches.