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Monday Finishing Time

In order to support more effective and age appropriate communication with our students, Kingscliff High School has moved away from the traditional Monday afternoon Junior Assembly to shorter ‘Stage Meetings’ to be built into the school week at different times. This means, Years 7 & 8 will meet and hear messages relevant to them, Years 9 & 10 will also meet, at a different time, hearing messages relevant to them. Senior Assemblies (Years 11 and 12) will continue in their current time.

The benefits of this change include:

· Shorter meetings

· Messages and information will be consistently and more directly relevant

· Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) will also be delivered in a more age appropriate manner

· Teachers will have more time to attend collaborative cross faculty meetings on Monday afternoons as part of our focus on innovative teaching and learning

On Mondays, formal lessons will conclude at 2:35, leaving students and their families with a number of options:

· Students who are able to walk home will be permitted to do so

· Students relying on bus travel will remain at school under supervision until the busses begin arriving at 3:15

· The Library will be open, under teacher supervision, for students who wish to use this time to complete homework

Parents should be assured that Kingscliff High School remains compliant with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements regarding hours of instruction for all courses