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Kingscliff High School has committed to supporting their student population with a comprehensive Social Media Safety Certification Program. This was undertaken with the guidance of Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd. The school started this program as a response to managing the ever-increasing risk of misuse, abuse, cyber bullying and online stranger danger across social media networks. The certification includes an extensive risk assessment, student workshops, comprehensive teacher training, and is supported with a comprehensive resource library. The certification program is designed to inform, monitor, and safeguard both students and teachers from making poor social media choices. It will aid in the protection of student wellbeing, reduce vulnerability to cyber-bullying, assist with mental health concerns and help students make informed choices about social media.

“This generation has had every aspect of their lives (sometimes since they were an ultrasound photo), recorded on social media and we are concerned by how that information may be used against our children in the future. Without the right education, students can easily fall victim to serious issues such as sexting, cyber bullying, revenge porn and online predators. Perpetrators may also run the risk of being held criminally responsible with their digital footprint as evidence” – Kirra Pendergast, founder of Safe On Social Media Pty Ltd.

“As a school, we seek to inspire students to become lifelong learners and aspirational citizens. In order to achieve this, students need to be not only responsible digital citizens, but also dynamic and self directed in their engagement with an increasingly complex world. Self respect, self regulation and self motivation are the cornerstones of success both at school and beyond.” – Mr M. Hensley KHS Principal

Please find below a comprehensive selection of guides for each of the main social media channels.

Parenting at the speed of light

Kingscliff High School quick guide trifold 2019


Age Recommendation Guidelines: Guidelines-and-the-Law

Recommended-Age-Guidelines Cheat Sheet

Airdrop and Cyberflashing: Airdrop and Cyber-flashing Cheat Sheet

Cyber Bullying: How-to-Report-CyberBullying

Cyber Racism: SoS-Cheat-Sheet-Cyber-Racism-2020

Cyber Security: Cyber-Security Cheat Sheet

Early childhood tips: SoS-Cheat-Sheet-Early-childhood-and-online-safety-2020

Facebook: SoS-FaceBook-Guide


Facebook messenger for kids app: Facebook-Messenger-for-Kids-2020

Google classroom: Google-Docs-G-Suite Cheat Sheet

Google reverse image search: How-to-Reverse-Image-Search Cheat Sheet

Grief Etiquette:  SoS-Cheat-Sheet-Social-Media-Grief-Etiquette-2020

Hashtags: Hashtags Cheat Sheet

Instagram: SoS-Instagram-Guide

How-to-delete-Instagram Cheat Sheet

Iphone Ipad parental controls: Parental-controls-in-Apple-iOS Cheat Sheet

Location Services: Location-Services Cheat Sheet

Messenger for kids: SoS-Cheat-Sheet-Facebook-Messenger-for-Kids-2020

Parent tips: Parenting-strategies




Smartphone use at school: Photo-and-Videos-at-School-2019

Snapchat: SoS-Snapchat-Guide



Tik Tok: TikTok Cheat Sheet



Verification symbols: Verification-Symbols Cheat Sheet

Youth and Pornography: Youth-Online-Pornography-and-the-law Cheat Sheet


Youtube: SoS-YouTube-Guide


Zoom: Zoom Information