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Year 6 into Year 7

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For the attention of Parents/Carers of Year 7 2021 students

Basic Equipment List and other information




To enable smooth transition into high school, the Head Teacher-Admin works closely with the Year 7 Adviser, and the following information relates to Year 7:


Year 7 Diaries

Students will receive a diary from their Year Adviser at the beginning of the year. Students will be required to bring this every day to school.


Year 7 ‘K-Days’ Orientation Program

The first three days of Year 7 students will participate in a program designed to familiarise them with all aspects of the high school setting.


Year 7 Learning Journals

Year 7 students will complete a learning Journal once a week. The Journal assists students in highlighting their strengths, developing their “yet to be strengths” and encourages communication, collaboration, creativity and/or critical reflection within themselves. The Learning Journals aim to promote “deep learning and understanding” of the three main sections in the Learning Dispositions Wheel; Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Cognition.


Year 7 Teacher/Parent/Student BBQ evening

There will be an opportunity early on in the school year for parents/carers and their child to have a meet and greet with the staff at KHS.


Please find attached a letter advising the most up to date information (noting a change of start and finish time for the Year 6 Orientation Day), with further information on the plan for this day.

Admin 2020-1277 - Year 7 2021 - Further updated information to parents