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Transforming Teaching and Learning at Kingscliff High School

As a learning community, our school strives to inspire students to become lifelong learners and aspirational citizens. This statement appears on our paperwork, across all of our publications and is emblazoned across our front of school sign. We take it very seriously.

As a school, our role is to work in partnership with students and their parents or carers in order to engage them in learning and, in doing so, build their capacity to realise their potential and enable their sense of individual agency which will allow them to chart their own positive course through school and beyond. We know that authentic and deep student engagement in learning builds success while at school, and lays the foundations more broadly for success in the incredibly dynamic and challenging world of work which awaits them outside school.

Over the past few years, our school has formed a powerful working relationship with the 4C Transformative Learning group which has led to a more dynamic and collaborative environment for our teachers to work in. The premise of this work is a shared understanding of the Learning Disposition Wheel. Click the link below to find out more:


Our teachers are continuing to build their ‘4C strengths’ of critical reflection on the ways in which students engage with learning, collaborating with other teachers in order to be creative in their teaching, then communicating how they are working to their students, parents and other teachers. Click the link below to find out more about how the 4C group work with schools:


Parents and carers wanting to find out more about our approach to innovative teaching and learning at Kingscliff High School, are welcome to attend our regular P&C meetings, held on the second Monday of every month during school term, from 6:30pm in our Library.