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Year 7 Vaccination Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th March

Instructions for Year 7 Vaccination Days

Return your vaccination notes to the Front Office asap

Students are to have breakfast before being vaccinated.

Students should wear clothing that allows easy access to upper arms.

Students should attend their class and have their name marked off the roll.

In subjects the whole class attend the teacher will bring students to Room 28.

In subjects that the whole class do not attend – have your name marked off the roll and attend Room 28. Line up in an orderly and quiet manner and wait for further instructions from the teacher or the nurses.

Any questions see Mrs Townsend, Business Manager


Monday 16th March

Period 1 – Starting at 9.30am – Targeted students and Year 8 Catch up

Period 2 – Abood

Period 3 – Nance

Period 4 – Freeman

Period 5 – Buddy


Tuesday 17th March

Period 1 – Starting at 9.30am – Cahill

Period 2 – Perry

Period 3 – Gilmore

Period 4 – Thurston